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I have been depressed for a long time, I once tried to talk to my parents about it and was told other people have it better and I should just try to feel better and they told me I was selfish, I don't want therapy because I don't want to talk about my problems , I just want "happy pills" and make it all go away, I always feel trapped even in my own home. The only person I could talk to about all of this was my girlfriend and she was my sunshine, a ray of hope that cut through my sadness and made me feel as if everything else melted away and I was safe from the world and everything else...then she broke up with me, the breakup threw me to rock bottom and I can't help but to just lay in bed and silently sob myself to sleep every night. I am losing control and need someone to vent to, someone that can hold me and tell me everything will be okay but i can't find such comfort. Now every happy couple I see only hurts my already broken heart. Every time I think of her my heart burns, it is a literal pain that can only be described as my heart melting and sinking into my stomach. I can't keep living like this, but at this point I'm not even living, I'm just surviving day by day filling myself with the false hope that my sunshine will come back.

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  • my email is akward.situationcb@gmail.com, email me if u want someone to talk to

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