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Is it normal that the more something is sexually "wrong" or "deviant" the more it turns me on? I'm aroused by violent hentai, hard (painful looking) sex and even some just plain depressing stuff you shudder at and turn off as soon as you're done wanking. I've even gotten my girlfriend into 3some situations with randoms and a friend of mine and probably wouldn't mind a cuckold sort of thing either. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? -It just feels so good to push the boundaries and do exciting, dirty things.

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  • there is nothing wrong with you, i also do the same, its just the fact that you are tired of the old stuff and you want something new, and the fact that it is "wrong" turns you on more per se

  • You are a typical Adrenalin junkie. Try to do some exciting sports, go for a ride with a rollercoaster often, or bunjee jumping. Something that's exciting and should substitute the porn

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