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My dad is completely awefull. I don't think he loves me anymore, I basically think I'm a complete disappointment for him. But he's not better! He's racist, sexist, old-fashioned about parenting,homophobic (basically he thinks gay people are not people anymore), he thinks age matters more than maturity and he believes one can be a facist or nazist and have as an idol a "man" who killed millions. He swears all the time and when I say fuck and sometimes I try to suppress it, he starts yelling at me that a 15yo girl should not curse etc, but he was cursing since I was a little kid, he didn't care if I would listen to the things he was saying and imitate him!! Also, when I am reading subjects that are 1, 2 or 3 years above the lvl i'm supposed to be, he gets angry because "I can't understand those things", though I do. And I have problem with only one bloody subject and then I become a smart girl that have abilities very beyond that!! I can't stand him, he's such a hypocrite. When I attend and finish university I want to slowly get rid of any bonds with him and never ever see him again

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  • When you get out of the house you won't have to deal with him anymore. But untill then you just have to stay strong and strive to be the opposite of what he is.

  • Thats a perfectly good description of a Chinese dad. Yup

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