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everyone keeps telling me to start wearing more "bright" coloured clothes and stop wering black and dark ones. But I feel safe in black, it's peacefull and full of warmth, calmfull. Everyone tells me it's a depression colour and I should wear clothes with happy colours. Well, bitches, who told you I'm happy???

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  • Weirdly enough, people tend to associate certain colours with certain emotions. My mother used to tell me to stop wearing so much black (not goth, or emo or something, just black clothes). She used to make fun of me, asking me if I`m going to a funeral. And I wasn`t depressed at all. I`ve always been happy and outgoing, I just like how I look in black because I have pale skin and dark hair and the contrast is nice.

  • so,you are stuck in your 12's eh? no big deal

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