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I think I'm becoming bulimic. I eat practically nothing all day, and then i'll be starving, so I binge eat and then feel absolutely disgusted with myself and induce vomiting. I think the desire to be thinner and the stress of exams has got to me.

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  • Go to some Bulimia Clinic NOW!

  • Get help now before it gets worse, please! If you're forgetting to eat, or neglecting to, maybe put an alarm on your phone or something at mealtimes to remind you to go get a sandwich or something. Make sure you eat regularly, it'll stop you binging and hopefully stop you feeling bad about it. Also, not eating WON'T make you thinner, it'll make you sick. Your body will go into 'fast' mode as it's not getting enough nutrients, so it'll store everything it can from what little you do eat. If you eat regularly, your body will only store what it needs and will be a whole lot healthier!

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