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Don't even know why I'm posting this on a site like this but I guess it doesn't matter. I've been very depressed the last few months. Lost nearly all of my friends, don't see any point in relationships because most girls in my neighboorhood are sluts. Got kicked out of school, no money to do anything. I'll be 18 in a few months but finding a job seems impossible. And at home it's a constant struggle since my mom has an cognitive impairment which causes her to get grumpy/angry/mad over something little as getting her coffee in a wrong mug, and it would last until she goes to bed. I try to help my little sister as much as I can but with my own life being such a mess I don't believe I can show my little sister the "right ways" to do things. And because I've never gotten support while growing up it's hard to be an example for her. Besides that when my mom does get upset due to her cognitive impairment she takes it out on either me or my little sister. But mostly me, and 9/10 times I end up with a migraine. Sometimes I wish she would be gone so me and my little sister could start a new and normal life. But wishing your mom away isn't really a healthy thought. Well I'm done now. Sorry if you had to read this boring post I just needed to get it off my chest somewhere.

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  • You'll grow strong, people with hard past and bumping paths make it in the long run. Let time work this out and try working on yourself in the meantime, you'll see the best improvements in little time. Maybe it would be wise to consider moving out eventually if things get worse, I had to leave my mother because she didnt consider me her kid anymore...It's just a thought.

  • It's actually common for people to have such thoughts about, in your case, their mothers (I had the same thoughts about my dad for his abusive behavior towards my mother). Besides, trying to suppress such thoughts is actually unhealthy. The central difference between a psychopath and a mentally stable person is the latter doesn't act it out. Hang in there.

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