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' I'm a male from an asian country, currently on the process of forgetting my gf which we compromised to break up last 2 days ago, i courted/woo her for a year and got out of the friendzone, weve been together for about 2 years, what bothers me is, how would i start a new life? all my dreams and plan together with her is ruined, she falls out of love. what mistakes/wrong have ive done? i've been 100% faithful and loyal to her within 2 years but why this happened? i only have 700+ friends on facebook 99.5% of them i know in person, i have no other person texting to my phone, shes the only person on my phonebook, she know my facebook password,but..but..why cant she remain faithful to me? :( i dont know her fb password, i forgotted it because it ony makes me sad if i saw someone shes chatting with, she has 4000+ followers, all of them mostly boys and crooks, i dont even checking her phone because it will also hurt myself for seing someone shes texting, im aJEALOUS guy :( i got paranoid. i hate my self now, i forgot how to attract other girls now, :(( shes lucky that shes attractive and theres so many crooks attracted to her, but me,ther NONE, theres no one interested on me,wtf. im confesting this because, i dont have some one to talk to, ive traded all my friends for just 1 woman,now im alone. And, maybe i should just chase my dream on having a gf/wife from a foreign country, see my old confession http://confesster.com/c/119/ ,i just dont know how see other girls from foriegn country, can some one help me? or is there any girl whose interested on me here? :( can u comment please.

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  • You need some priorities in your life

  • Do You live in the states? No if so what state?

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