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I don't really give a shit anymore, I used to give a shit on a general note rather a personal one...but now when I see that some lunatic kid or man went on a shooting spree in the USA in the news, I just skip it...my sympathy goes to the victims and families of these killings, no one deserves that, but it just happens so frequently now that I ask myself, will it probably take a situation where some of the law makers and gun lobbyists experience such a tragedy on a personal level that will make them change their minds?

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  • Yeah guns are awesome

  • 'Murica. These people defend their gun rights more than anyone else. They are not a status symbol, they are designed to end lives. I'm not in the most crime free area of the UK, but even here the only people with guns are controlled recreational shooters, farmers and hunters, and all of them use bolt action rifles or air pistols. If guns are to be kept at home, they need to be registered to owners, and the owners and people with access to the guns need annual psychological assessments to determine if they are likely to murder someone or kill themselves, with risk status allowing for authorities to confiscate weapons.

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