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I moved to another city last August. There's this guy, A, who reminds me a guy I was in love with and I don't want to remember, T. So I was trying to avoid A as much as I could. I fell in love with his best friend, B, but I was trying to suppress my feelings for him. So on a school trip B and A were together and they wanted to show me a music store and I went with them. I went to see this store and buy picks but also so I can be with B and talk to him. In the bus, we were sitting and I really liked P (I liked him and before but I couldn't stand remembering T). So we were sitting for about 3 hours playing guitar and then he came at my home and we continued playing guitar and listening to songs and started talking more. Because A reminds me T, I had built an emotional wall, so that I wouldn't be alble to feel the slightest thing for him. But he makes me happy even by looking at me and I think I've started falling in love with him and I don't know what to do!!! I've proposed B and A to form a band and they said yes and now if we form this band I'll be with 2 guys I'm in love with and I'll destroy everything!! I hope they won't read this

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  • but who is "I" ?

  • What an idiot. It is amazing

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