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This shouldn't be the place to Admit it but I really want to become a girl and not sure how to go about this?! I have a partner I have been with for nearly 5 years I feel embarrassed to to tell her incase she will leave me! Need a little help head mixed right up atm :-/

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  • There is a risk that your partner won't want to stay with you once you switch - if she's straight, it might be a problem, but equally you might find it works out just fine. Just have a conversation with her about how you feel and what coming out as trans would mean to you. A question you're likely to get is whether or not you'll want to go through surgery so you have female genitalia - be ready for that question and know how you'll answer it as it will impact on whether or not you'll have kids naturally and what your sex lives will be like. Don't hide yourself away, if you're a woman, be a woman! You can do it <3

  • Girl, if she truly loves you, I don't think she'll give a shit. (Sorry if that was rude) But, there is one question you should ask yourself... It's, "Is she really the type of person to judge you for wanting to change your gender?" and if you answer that, ask her yourself. Just make sure to tell her that you still want to be with her, no matter what gender you want to be. Just gather a little courage. :)

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