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I like this dude at work but he's like five years older than me and I'm seventeen. Ok maybe more like sexually attracted since I don't know him that well. I want him..

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  • Nothing's going to happen between us anyway, has a girlfriend and everyone at the job basically sees me as a little sister including him. :c a girl can only wish.lol

  • First, be familiar with any statutory rape laws that exist in your state (or country if you're not from the U.S.). If 17 is the age of consent then go for it. Flirt with him a bit and see what kind of response you get. See if he'd be interested in hanging out outside of work. Best of luck :) (Take the statutory rape laws seriously. Even if it's consensual from you, someone else like a parent or jealous friend could report it to the authorities and he will be in a world of trouble.)

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