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I'm in love with 2 guys who are best friends, we may form a band together and I can't tell any of them about my deelings. I act very stupid around them and I believe they may have understood about it. fu*k.

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  • My friend had a similar problem. We were a group of four-me, her and two other boys. She eventually chose one of them, and ruined their strong friendship. My advice- don't ruin what they have between them and don't ruin your friendship with them. It always leads to trouble.

  • There was another confession very similar to this. Its quite unusual to be in love with two people. My advice is to not mess up the friendship you have with them. if you decide to be in a relationship with one of them, how would you act towards the other guy if you re in love with this one too? Maybe you will feel despression and sadness when thinking about the other. And there can be other complications in their friendship too..my advice is to let time cool, analize things, don t make quick decisions. But this os my opinion:) I wish you all the best!

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