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I fell in love with my best friend.She knows it,but she will never give me a chance.I'm close to her,and in the last six months she was in love with 5 men.My heart breaks when I see her talking with others.I had my chance to kiss her,but I did nothing,because I never had a girlfriend,and I don't know how to kiss.She's my only friend,and her ignorance is killing me.I will kill myself,to forget it

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  • she was in love with 5 GUYS IN 6 MONTHS???? gtfo bro!!!! honestly, i'm sure she is beautiful and amazing, but she is crazy. no doubt about it. KEEP STRONG BRO

  • Bro dont do it, I've been there... Just stand strong, if you dont learn to be happy on your own you'll never be happy with someone else

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