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My fiancé is the best person in the world to me. He is kind, caring, loving, intelligent and sweet. I really couldn't ask for anything more. I cannot wait to marry this man and live a long happy life with him. I am truly in love with him, though sometimes I find it hard to find the words to let him know all of this... He works all day and all night so we can live a better life and he does all he can to make me happy. Though I try to make him happy and have an equal amount of hard work put into our relationship, I sometimes just think that I cannot compare. But, all in all I love him with all of my being.

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  • Thank you all for the support!! ♡

  • Don't worry, it's not just you who feels this. I'm also engaged and very happy, but sometimes my fiance's love overwhelms me and I become nervous about whether I love him as much as he loves me. I shared this with one of my married female friends and she said that she'd also had this fear. I guess it's natural, it seems weird because nobody really talks about this. What we see in romcoms is that the happy eng is always marriage, and noone ever doubts herself when it comes to this choice. In reality, I think, men and women love differently. Men fall in love earlier, quickly, whereas it takes more time to women. Also, when it comes to love, women tend to think and worry about it more. One might say some women tend to be more down to earth when it comes to love. And it's okay. If you are sure about your choice, want to share a lifetime with him, and want the best for him, it's gonna work just great! :) I wish you happiness and joy! :)

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