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i'm tired of being a nice guy, i will be more jerk and douhe now.

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  • That's not the way.. I was the "nice guy" my whole life roo, and it never gained me anything, but the real "nice guy" doesn't want something for his behaviour, so if you are the "nice guy" type, don't try to changw yourself, in the end you hurt youraelf maybe more than you think, be nice, and someday you will "get paid" for it you just have to believe in that :) So long, Loner

  • there is a difference between being nice and being naive. You have to be nice with good people, they don't deserve your jerk behavior. But with the other people, the mean ones, you don't have to be nice, just ignore them. (Being a jerk is NEVER a solution, you will lose the good ones by doing this, and you'll hurt some nice people who never asked for something like that :) )

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