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STORY TIME! A few years ago, my boyfriend at the time cheated on me, but I stayed with him. A few days later he told me he loved me. The very next day, he broke up with me. He did this to multiple girls, but for some reason I was still attracted to him. Last year, this guy dated my best friend. They were together for about half a year, but then she cheated on him (long story for another day) and things got complicated. They never broke up, but he started to go back to his old ways and began flirting with just about every decent looking girl he was friends with. One of these girls happened to be me. When his girlfriend went away for a week, he began to talk to me more. I, being a very stupid and selfish friend, began to start liking him again. We got closer, and eventually he told me that he was going to break up with my best friend when she got back and he wanted to date me. For some reason I fell for this and we started seeing each other behind her back. When she returned he didn't break up with her, but I figured it was just because he was afraid to hurt her feelings. Nope. He continued to stay with her and I got pissed (even though I was being pretty shitty as well), so I confronted them both about it. We all got into a huge fight about it. I ended things with him, but she stayed with him. Later on, we found out that he was seeing two other girls as well, and his girlfriend still didn't break up with him. About a week later, he ended things with her and spread rumors about how she was a whore for cheating on him. My best friend and I decided to forget about the whole thing and now we both have fantastic boyfriends. The other guy is still cheating on every girl he dates.

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  • I know girls like bad boys but... seriously?

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