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Im a women in my 30's. Been with my husband for 8years and he is over 20 yrs older than me. The sex was the best I ever had he did things to my body that never been done. However now im bored and want to try something new like dressing up or dancing for him...make him feel every now then like who did I just fuck lol. But when it comes to me stepping up to plate I feel scared or completely silly where I can't go thur it like the freak in me is scare to come out however WHY? Do anyone have advise on how I can get these butterflies out my tummy and do what must be done. I know it extremely important to change things up in order to keep the fire burning.

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  • DO it! Everyman loves new things even if it turns out not as good its fun to try

  • Wear a mask. Super sexy and he cant see how embarassed you are.

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