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So I think I going out of my mind. There is this guy, whom I hate more than anything in this world, I would imagine him getting hit by a brick or getting stabbed. But the problem is we have never had any problems personally but I really hate him. I got to know him from another guy that I used to like but I never said anything to him, because even tough he is a nice guy I knew it would never work with us. So after awhile he and I stopped talking. He and the guy I hate stopped speaking to each other. This guy that I hate is now hanging out more with my group of female friends, I suspect because of one of my girlfriends, but she already has a boy friend. The problem now is it bothers me whenever my friends tell me how he fells of me too(he doesn't like me either), but still it really bothers me. I can't stop thinking about it.

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  • Keep out of each others way.Don't think about him and you'll be fine.

  • hmm

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