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well. i think im beautiful sometimes.but only to make myself feel confident to go through all day activities.

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  • You are beautiful, everyone is.. Everyone has something that makes her or him beautiful, that has almost nothing to do with looks, almost. A beautiful mind can be as beautiful as the prettiest face, but a beautiful fave can't cover stupidness, a beautiful smile can cover a lazy eye, but beautiful eyes cant cover bad teeth... But in the end EVERYTHING is a matter of taste, i just met a woman here on this aite, afyer the second day i said to her thatbshe is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen, she said, it's all makeup and stuff, but she has also one of the most beautiful minds I've ever encountered, maybe I'm to honest again and/or a kinda drunk because i try to sleep for an hour now, and i know to 90% that she will ad this, but i don't care, because she know that :) and i qrote too much again, so just remember, everyone has something that makes him or her beautiful, sometimes it just takes time to see it, or a certain person who makes you realise that :) So long, Loner

  • If you think that you're beautiful, then you are beautiful, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. People who judge beauty based purely on a persons aesthetic quality is a shallow person who doesn't deserve a unique character such as yourself. Let your personality show, and that will be truly beautiful.

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