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I was on a roadtrip with a friend of mine. We are both girls. One night we met those guys. We had a nice night with them playing cards and drinking wine. During the game I could see how my friend and one of that guys looked at each other the whole time. Later me and the two other guys went to bed and my friend and this guy were still awake. In the middle of the night my friend came to me, to tell me, that she would sleep with the guy. I started to feel so jalous!! I don´t know if I was jalous of her for sleeping with a guy I never could sleep with or if I was jalous because she left me that night for him. Since that night I thought a lot about her and I´m starting to think that I might be in love with her. I´ve never fallen in love with a girl and I´m still unsure if I´m in love with her, but I just can´t tell what feeling it is she gave me that night...I am confused!

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  • Ot could be love, yes. But to find out what it is.. It could take a while, and could put your friendship in danger. It could also be jealousy, or just sadness, that she left you alone for that night,. Love is hard to describe, iin my eyes it's like friendship, just way deeper, i can only talk for me here but love and friendship are the same, that's why many people out there have a crush on their best friends, you just have to be careful, if you don't wabt to ruin your friendship, and think about ot, of your friendship is worth it to be ruined by a thought that many people had, i speak from my experience, i ruined a good friendship, because i talked with her about it.. So long, Loner ps. I hope that makes sence, I'm tired sorry :)

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