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I'm talking to this guy and i'm not sure whether to end it or not. Since we've been talking, i've been partying a bit, and I feel like he's trying to control me whenever I do drink or get high. Plus he's so pervy, he's always talking about sex. It's getting annoying, but he's still pulling me in. I have a feeling this might ruin me for a long time.

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  • I'm a guy and even I'm saying; Get away from him. He's not good for you. being a littler pervy is one thing, but if its the only thing on ones mind its... creepy. And nobody likes to be controlled and monitored like you're explaining.

  • Get away now before it's too late. Being that he's controlling he'll want sex even more and pretty much expect it at one point. Just let him find some other whore to play around with, if you're not tied down to him then he can't say anything.

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