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Just deactivated my online dating profiles, yes profiles how pathetic is that. All i got from it for two years is guys obsessing over texting skyping and chatting with me 24/7 but nothing more i just made alot of "friends" for crap's sake it s a dating site, get the hint im not there for just friends. They just get too used to me because i'm "too sweet, funny and smart, and they can talk to me about anything". Or they just stop talking to me out of the blue. And i cant meet guys like in clubs or the streets because im always swamped with work. So there i give ip, not looking for anyone anymore.

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  • It's been awhile since you posted this. I hope you were able to find someone to be a friend, then more. 20, 30, 40 it doesn't matter the age. Finding that special loved one is difficult at any age. Smile and be happy. One day you will find each other.

  • Then maybe it's time to stop waiting behind a computer screen and start going out to look for someone. maybe go to a cafe or the book store, movie store. Go to a place where you like or do a thing that you like. You might just find a guy who likes doing things that you like 😉

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