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Last days I spend reading stuff about zodiac signs...I think it really got me. So what do you think about virgo mens because I really thing it is true what they say, but I just want others opinions

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  • although this post is old i feel that i should reply. Each zodiac has a specific timeline and day, the personalities that we possess are from the day we are born, and the exact month. Ex. There's two sides to scorpio's, any born before Nov. 2 will be positive, while anyone born after Nov. 2 are more destructive or negative. So it goes by the exact day we are born not just the month itself.

  • Well.. I dated a Virgo that was exactly as described, several Lions that were really arrogant and some Geminis that you couldn`t trust a promise they made. However, Scorpio confused me, as I had 2 ex bfs and they were totally different.

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