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I'm concerned with immigration in the UK because of economic and cultural issues. I hate that people like me are often immediately branded racist when talking about immigration even though its got absolutely nothing to do with skin colour!

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  • I'm an economist and will tell you that immigration has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with economic problems. #1 - immigation is an issue thrown in your face to distract you from real problems; #2 - the real issue is a world-wide ethical crisis, where the greedy people in power want more and more and are seeking new ways to maintain control... these new ways include mass unemployment of the young, for instance, so that the young don't get to be independent and determine their own future, or change the world. Funny how all the pieces fit perfectly together, don't you think?

  • UK invade pretty much every country in the world and stole lots of things. Now u come and tell me that foreingers can't go to ur country b/c of ur economy? Plz, UK destroyed lots of countries this is the least u can do for them.

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