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People think that I’m just choosy when it comes to guys. Actually, I’m so scared to let anyone close to me - physically and psychically. I don’t know what I should do. Some guys have had crush on me and I actually did like them back but when they tried to approach me I chickened out. I just feel like they are going to be disappointed in me and I just do whatever I can to runaway from that situation. Now everybody thinks that I just want some perfect-looking guy but I don’t care at all what he looks like. All I care is that he has a good heart. And it kills me that I have put so many amazing guys in friendzone just because I’m so scared to show my feelings. I think I may have some serious commitment issues because it isn’t normal that I’m 20 and never even kissed a guy.

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  • I'm in the same situation as you. But I feel like I can't trust any girl I like because i'm scared they tell others my secrets. Also I don't have the courage to tell her I like her because that would get me voulnerable and I cant hold any more psychic pain. However I think you will solve this problem and come stronger out of this :)

  • Tell this to them, if they are worth your love, they'll understand and will assure you that it is okay to make mistakes

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