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I grew up with a girl that was perfect, she loved me and i loved her but we could never be together because of many reasons, but mainly because i saw how unhappy my own parents were and how they fought and argued i saw nothing but the same for us in the future, i was afraid i would ruin her life like my father has ruined my mothers and my life, i kept away from her and now shes in another country in a happy realtionship with many friends and a wealthy boyfriend, i did the right thing, im happy for her. but i still think of her every day, i wish that if i die i could be her guardian angel.

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  • She's your sister!!! Incest !!!!

  • Now Find A Girl Which You Are Perfect For And This Time Don't Be Like Your Father And Be A Nice And Loving Husband/Father It's Time To Live Your Life 😉 And It Was So Kind And Generous Of What You Did For That Girl 😂

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