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I still love one girl i know about 6years even afer my 2 relationships with another girls. we are still like very good friends but i'm going crazy of this

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  • You and her deserve another chance, go for it again. If you have been in love with her for that long and after other relationships have passed and you still love her then go ask her out! If love for her is that strong then its worth going for it no matter what. You already have the strong friendship that makes for a strong relationship, you need to stop driving yourself cazy over her and go get her. No matter what happens the friendship will always be there so your not risking that. Stop thinking of what it would be like to date her and just do it. Man up, women are just as scared to ask a guy (espically a good friend) out just as much as guys are so we wait for the men to make the move. She's probably sitting around waiting on you to ask her. Driving yourself crazy isn't getting you no where, so do the right thing and go get her!!

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