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It's father's day and my dad didnt even thanked me for the card I give him nor for come visit him and he called me an useless piece of sh*t.

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  • welcome to the "we dont need a dad" life. If he dont do nothing good to you, think in what is better to you, not on him, just because he is your father

  • Continue being nice to him no matter what. Hopefully he'll notice and change. Because one day he'll be gone and no matter how mean he was you'll probably still miss him. And set a goal for when you grow up and have children, make sure to be the best and loving father that you can be. 😉 And I am so sorry for what you have to live threw. Talk to a teacher or KidsHelpPhone or on the internet of KidsHelpPhone or a trusting adult/s for help or to talk to and if it gets worse with your father (as in physical) go to the police.

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