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I'm in love with this girl, but she has a boyfriend... i have been in love with her for over a year or so and about a month ago we kissed for the first time at a party. We were both drunk, but still. Then a few days later i asked her out to talk and stuff. I get lost in her eyes when we talk, she is just amazing. I've asked her to be with me, but she says no. She says she has a boyfriend and she loves him. I have felt kind of depressed since this happened, but yesterday there was this party again. She was a bit drunk, but i was sober. We started talking and she was giving signs that she wants to kiss me again, so i did. Then i said that we should do this because she has got a boyfriend plus she's drunk and that she will regret this in the morning, but she said that she knows what she's doing. Then we just talked for like an hour or two. She said that i was the first boy that has rejected her. And then i just went in again, we kissed, talked, hugged and stuff. Most of the time i was just looking in her eyes, saying nothing, doing nothing. I asked her to be with me again, but she still says no... what should i do guys? I really love her..

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  • What if u love a girl and she touches and kisses other guys, think 'bout her.

  • If she's worth it stay in it for the long haul. If she would do things like that with you while she's with her boyfriend, even drunk, she doesn't love him as much as she thinks she does. Give her, her space but still stay close.if they break up (don't try to break them up) she will likely turn to you for consolation. Be the same kind guy that kept her from making a mistake. That's what you should do

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