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A really close friend of mine - she herself always states that she's my bestfriend - had a rough time a year or so ago and never really got over it. While we're both only 18, she often seems to act and think like a stubborn child with a really narcissitic streak ,while I was forced to grow up fast because of bad family problems. Last christmas she slept with my (ex-) boyfriend about a week after he broke up with me. I forgave her for the sake of our livelong friendship. Still she always wines to me about her on-again-off-again relationship to a Boy in the same social circle as said ex and even mentions him often. A week ago her lover broke it off with her again and to hurt him she went to my ex. They didn't actually have sex but she still went to him with that in her mind. Now she wines to me about how hard live is and how she doesn't want to go on living her shitty live. I want nothing more than to tell her that the whole reason for her live being miserable is that she won't stop acting like a fucking 14-year-old bitch who is used to getting what she want , and that she should finally begin to think about freaking consequences of her actions. Since christmas I never belived in her honesty or her character or anything about her really. But she is a friend in need and doesn't really have someone else. Still I secretly loath her and her careless behavior. I just don't think she realises what the fuck she is really doing to the people around her.

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  • Just tell her..

  • She needs some tough love, being told simply what is wrong with her attitude and how she can improve it. She's lucky to still have yourself as a friend, so please do what's best for the friendship, while improving her attitude. You can do it.

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