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I was very shy in high school a loner, a book work, geek ,but when I came to university I putted on a mask and many people believed it until I started to believe it too. Now I am one of the confident people I know and the best part is that I know what it feels like to be loner and I try to talk to the unpopular people and nobody understands why because thet dont know that I was that person. Masks not always are bad thing, I just improved and now I am happier I was in a such a bad place that I didnt have anything to loose and know I have everything. Cheer up and embrace every momment ! xoxo

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  • Yeah, I kinda do this too. Talking with the shy, different people. I just like to talk to them more, they have their own story and ways of thinking. I think they are more interesting then the people that are full of ego.

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