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im am studyng the psycology behind human relationships in a not-academic way, i know different emotions and reactions i can create on everyone just by touching a little part of its subcuncious mind and rigt now i see paterns in lifetime friendships, f*ck buddies, lovefull relatioships, admiration, empathy, hate, almost all kind of crushes, etc the reason i do this is raw and tasty vengance over my highschool classmates, my goal is to control their lifes as much as i can and make then my puppets im surprised that it is working for real, at the start i think it wont work, bu it is, an i like it!!!

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  • What kind of fucking loser fills his or her life with revenge fantasies from highschool?! Grow the fuck up and move on with your life!

  • I'm with you in enjoying the ability to psychologically influence people. But man, with great power comes great responsibility. Don't be a villain bent on revenge. Use it make those around you happy and protect them from distress

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