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We haven't talked since march, I understand there's a lot going on in your life so I don't want to bug you anymore. I'll always be waiting for you. I know we have been through a rough patch and we disappeared from each other and now I'm back. There's a lot I never told you because I was scared, but I'm not anymore. The few problems that we had are gone and history. I have forgiven you. I know you have thought about coming back and wish you would because I want you back, so I'll wait. You know I'm here, no matter how busy our lives get, I'll make the time. I miss you.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know how he feels about me and don't want to be rejected by him because I know how bad it'll hurt but now I know I'd hold onto anything I can because I don't want to lose him again. I know it sucks why you talk and it feels like strangers just trying to be polite but try to give it some time, and push it a little, crack a joke or something to get him to open up a little, maybe you and/or him just need to smile a littls and it'll help you two relax and get out of that stranger feeling.

  • I stopped talking to someone since around that period too, found out he has no feelings for me so i created this wall so i wont get hurt. It sucks how the few times we talk it s like strangers trying to be polite.

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