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My father died when i was 5 years old. My grandparents were using me for thier friends to feel sorry for them ever since and tried to using my emotions to be addicted to them. They kept telling me that my father is dead and I'm the only thing left from my dad since i was 5 and they tried to prevent me from going abroad to have a good education last year for that, because "they don't want me to go away from them". I'm 16 now and i didn't talk to them for two years and when i visit them in feb, my grandpa called me a "selfish traitor" just because I'll fo to finland next year. I hate them so much, for what they did and doing. And my friends keep calling my hate for them as a regular teenage problem and i'm overreacting.

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  • They did raise you. But WTF would you "want" to go to Finland?

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