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The world hates me. so what if i say the wrongs things at the wrong time sometimes? that's what you'll become after 15 yrs of depression, bad friends, no girlfriend and doing chemo

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  • I can't say I feel your pain because that would be a lie. It is really sad to hear such things, I wish this situation to no one, its like a daily torture. There's one thing can tell you though, that you're the only one at the wheel and if you want to get better, push for things to get well, forget about the chemo and pretend its not there you're alive! so make the most of it and start by never letting go and try seeing the best out of everything. I know I'm just a stranger who's not even close to living this situation, but I can guarantee you that there's always a way to make things better. You just have to find the strenght in you.

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