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For me, that theory that the youngest kid is always the favorite is pure bullsh*t. In my family's case, we're 3 sisters and the one in the middle is the favorite. I'm the youngest and I'm reminded every single day that I'm just a failure, while the oldest is already married, living in her own house, and doesn't actually receive that much attention from my parents. The favorite is treated like a saint and every time she asks for anything, they go get it for her running like hell. I have to work my ass off to get whatever I want, on my own.

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  • You wont believe me but my family is the same way! But because of this I now own a company and guess what siblings call and ask for money?

  • But at least you are independent . You are capable doing things on your own unlike her. Sounds to me that you're not a failure. You are successful.

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