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Again, im falling for a woman.. Not just that she is ,in my opinion, waaay out of my league, she also lives pretty far away.. But i don't even want to fall for her.. The distance and a few other issues that's too much for me, just talking to her, helped me to.forget my former crush almost completely, and till today, i was everyday in an awesome mood since i know her, she made me smile like a retard at my phone every time she wrote me, and i slept like a baby, and dreamed about her at least 4/7 nights per week.. But today she told me something, i won't mention it here sorry with that no one could help me, and I'm ao down now.. And don't know what to do, but i had to say it to someone

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  • so why the drama if you know she's out of your league? men and women should start being real in this life and find people just like them

  • You just need to tell her how you feel about her, if she makes you that happy then just lay your heart out for her. She's probably waiting on you.

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