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Met a girl once, told me she was depresssed and suicidal.. Helped her out of her depression and kept her from ending her life, she was a cute girl, nice personality. After being with her for a long time and helping her with everything, she started to flirt with me, get my hopes up.. So, after racking up courage to ask her out she simply said no and laughed at me. Then sometine later some random dude comes along and boom, they have a relationship. He didn't do shit for her, but after I asked her out she just basically started ignoring me and stuff like that. All the time I invested in her, broke two friendships, made my grades go down and gotten me into a depression, the worst part is; My friend would sometimes hear what they'd say about me, that I'm some dumb fool who's easy to manipulate. I've confronted her about it, and she ha a feeling of guilt. But, I have a sick twisted side, that dat felt good; she still thinks I'm dead because of a car accident / drunk driving. Well folks, that was my confession.

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  • Sounds like a leech.

  • Dude, nobody owes you sex.

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