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I graduated, got into the school I wanted, found a cheap apartment in an expensive city, and nothing should be able to dim this happiness. But my dad and I are in a cold war situation and this really hurts me. We haven't talked in months, and the same thing happened a year ago. I am so jealous of all the other graduates, whose parents and grandparents were at the graduation ceremony and congratulated them and took photos. Because I moved to another country, my family couldn't come see me. But my father works here, and he could have come. I am so disappointed, and graduating won't be the greatest of memories to me now. I have started losing all interest in reconciling, and don't want anything to do with him anymore. Still, my heart aches every time I see others with their fathers, smiling, joking, doing stuff together. Makes me wonder what it would be like having a father like that by your side.

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  • Be a better man than your father

  • Just focus on -you- for now. Get your shit together. then when that's done talk to him. Tell him how much his approval means to you.

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