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I get angry with God when my husband has a bad day. I want to take his pain so he doesn't have to suffer. Especially if he's already feeling like shit. I don't really know if I believe in God but when he's having a bad day I do because it's someone I can be mad at

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  • you dont have to be angry with God, because your husband is having bad day, you should wish and pray God for your sisns and your husband's, you should accept thing how they are not to be angry on them, if u wanna do something to increase progressiveness about situation, be with your husband more that u can, support him and pray, not get angry. if you do so you may achive peace in yourself. P.s. Im programmer, hippy. i havent got best of all but im still young 19. building my life and im beleaving God, dumb ppl dont beleave Him because they think its easier not to belive then just once say that they are into God. if your beleaving God that dont mean you should go to churce or pay cash about your appointments, you just have to beleave, feel sorry for your sins. thats all. Good Luck with your family unknown woman. :)

  • ma'am, there's no god. if there is one, he doesn;t give a single shit about us. we're just a dot in the universe and our every day is depended on every single thought of every single human being. Not an imaginary creature that people have just to comfort themselves.

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