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I have had a boyfriend for three years.. He doesn't know we only started dating because I was trying to get over my best friend who was taken at the time. Recently my best friend became single and we started to talk again.. Im slowly falling back in love with him He's even coming to visit me in a month. I feel terrible because I really want to test the waters with him but am to scared to break up with my bodyfrien first..

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  • dumb bitch, brace yourself ! first of all if ur 3 years together with your bf, why the hell are u still with him you blind girl, if u wanned repationships with your "fiendy", you could do that while he was with his chick to see if his reaction and feeling are the same about you! not to waste someones 3 year with one pussy!!! your "fiendy" is probobly willing to do anything to fill your holes. maybe he didnt did anything with you earlier because u werent grown up or smth. chick u have 2 cases: case 1: go fuckyourself in butthole and leve your boyfriend for nothing case 2: live happely ever after with your current bf. ps. forget about that shit whos wanning your holes(think why didnt he wannted while he was still with his gf.)

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