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My ex had a friend which I was jealous of, but he kept saying she was just a friend when I was suspicious. She acted like a friend to me as well so I started trusting him a little more.. A couple of months after we broke up, they started dating. Now, a month later, he wants me back and says he's sorry and that he will do anything to win me back. What he did hurt me way too much but I still love him and I'm thinking of getting back with him. But I will ask him never to see her again. Is that too much to ask? They are in the same group of friends so it won't be easy but I can never ever trust him with her again and risk getting hurt like that once more.

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  • I was in the same situation and I took him back, even though I knew I shouldn't because I knew trust was most important but I was stupid and kept taking him back because I still loved him. I've been there and lived it, don't go back. I didn't see but the love I thought I had for him, was a control he had on me. He feed me the same bull line, " I love you, don't want to lose you, I'll do anything to get you back, I made a mistake but it won't happen again, I can't live without you" yeah those are all just fake lines he's using to control you. If you take him back, then he knows that he can mess up again and you'll come back. He got away with something bad and now he has that control over you he knows he can now do what he wants and you'll be back. Please don't fall for it. How is he going to learn if you take him back? Plus he just disrespected you, you're to good to to have a man treat you like that, you deserve better then that girl. If he really does love you he wouldn't have gone out with someone else so quickly after the break up, he wasn't thinking about you and how wrong he acted and treated you, he was thinking more of himself and getting his rocks off. That's not the guy you need, that's not a true guy that's a kid. You need a real man. A man who would own up to his mistakes and would want you back but not feed you bull lines but would show you how much you mean to him and how strong his love is for you. Don't settle for the jerk guy, go get a man. If he can do this to you, what else will he do? You already lost trust in him, even if you tell him he can't be around this one girl another one will come and you'll have trust issues with him again. What are you going to do have it where he can't have any girl friends because he can't be trusted? Do you really want to have that fear? If he was true and honest then you wouldn't have to go take away girls from his life, he put that fear within you. ( the guy I took back, It got to the point to where I did take away one girl, didn't want to but I thought it would make me feel better and help trust him better, but another one came and the fear came back and everytime I tried to hide it and just let him have friends it back fired in my face every time. Then I had a boyfriend who was a true man. I saw how he acted around me, and I saw how he acted around his girl friends and even his exs... not once was I ever worried about him because how he treated them and acted around them was so friendly, no flirting just nothing there strictly friendship, but around me it was more, it was flirting and laughting and smiling the whole time and couldn't keep his hands off me. So I knew I could trust him 100% that's what a man who loves you should act and do. He didn't even know I noticed that about him, his love and respect for me showed so much just through his actions, I don't need him to tell me I knew.) So you see what I'm getting at right? I'm not trying to tell you what to do because every women has been through this trust me. I'm just telling you my story to help you see if you take him back it may work, but it may not. I know you said you love him, but having yourself being disrespected like that, is it worth it? Being treated like that, can you ever forgive that? Is it worth it? I know it'll be painful to leave but I'll be here for you and you'll see the bright side soon. Pain is a part of life, it's how we learn and grow. If you feel like you need him to stop seeing someone, how would you feel if he asked you to give up one of your friends? could you do it? How would that make you feel and how would you feel about him after that? I know your concern but that is a way of controlling him too. You can't change him. If you let him keep being friends with her and just push your fears aside and he does this again, you'll see who he really is then. If you want my honest opinion, I say please don't take him back and move on. Keep me updated please. (hope this helps you) ;)

  • Are you just putting this online for some attention? Either way you don't seem very smart about the whole dating and being second pick. Move on, he doesn't see you as prime beef.

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