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I sweared I never ever will open my feelings to a girl again.

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  • dude dont be a dumbass, opening up is one thing but giving another power over you is just stupid. x x x

  • Please don't give up like that, its not worth shuting your heart out. If you open your self up to a girl and it didn't go right I know it hurts but you just need to look at like like a learning lesson and learn from it and move on. But don't shut down like that. I know its painful to open yourself up and get hurt and it does come with a dose of embarrassment but just pick yourself up, brush it off and move on. Yes it'll teach you to put those walls up again but if you shut your heart down completly then you'll miss out when your special someone comes around. The walls will protect you but your heart will break them down when your special someone comes around. Lol. Just remember, so you got hurt, look at it more like at least you know the truth, you put yourself out their to a girl and got hurt, well at least you know now rather then later. Keep your head up man. You gotta be knocked down a few times to learn how to stay on your feet. Love ya and hope you change your mind. ;)

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