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I've decided to write Erotic Fiction to make money. I'm a professional writer but have always limited my audience to the more cerebral readers. Now I want to see how well I can have my hand in something so mainstream. Any advice from anyone out there?

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  • I write some erotic fiction. But more as a joke to see who would read the crazy stories i write. I know there is a hige base of readers for it but i mix mine with fan fiction. I did a short erotic story with ewoks and dino erotica

  • Just make it what everyone dreams about. I know about every story has already been told but you've gotta take it from your on fantasy and write what would turn you on and make you want ti keep reading and wanting more. What sex fantasy have you always wanted to have happen but it never came true? This is your Chance to make it come true and live it. Don't worry if it flops or not, you're bound to hit a good one soon enough. Yes as a writer you have to think about the audience and give them what they want, but what do people want more then anything? The dirty secrets that no one knows about celebrities, not just what kind of sex are they into but what is the freaky stuff they really want to do but we'll never know. Same concept goes for regular people too. We all want to know the dirty stuff that people do, want to do, and what their wet dreams are about. So even if the story has already been done before, everyone has a different way of telling that story. ( example: like what would you do if you crush just suddenly came back to you-- yes that story has been played out before, but your story hasn't.) I hope this helps. You now have a wider world and a bigger audience, erotic fiction will keep you busy and having fun so I know you will do well. Good luck and hope to read your first erotic fiction! I'll be more then happy to keep in touch with you and hear how its going. Good luck! ;)

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