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"don't you feel lonely, don't you need to cuddle and be with someone, no you are lying ou are not happy you must be crying your eyes out everynight because you're single" people please, why should i be oblged to be in a relationship, why is being with someone makes me less of a loser in your eyes, is it too hard to beleive that someone can be happy by themselves? why should our happiness be based on the existence of another person? isn't it my own right to choose how i lead my life? i don't mind having a boyfriend, but i kinda prefer being alone, all that stuff of texting, calling, having to see him, gifts, acting romantic, pillow talk, sharing stuff and secrets, ughhh it justs seems too overwhelming to me, and i try to avoid it, even if i like someone, i don't go expressing it everyday, i dont get all lovey dovey, it's just not me, i don't find pleasure in all that stuff,

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  • you can be like albert camus and his wife leaving separate lifes and meeting sometimes for a cup of coffee

  • I use my Ferrari policy when it comes to relationships, "Just cause I'm happy without one, doesn't mean I wouldn't like one". I like being alone, but my perfect relationship would be business as normal, but with my girlfriend by my side while she does her own thing, with the occasion exchange of innuendo. Until I find someone to share my life with, I will be happy alone. Don't let other people decide how you should feel, and definitely don't let them decide who you should be with.

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