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I told my best friend about the man I had a major crush on. She asked me why i liked him and told her, but she didn't believe it as I rarely saw him. She didn't believe that i could fancy him after so little contact. So I tried to justify my emotions by telling her that I saw him much more out of the workplace. That we'd talk in the pub or accidentally meet and decide have coffee together. She believed me then. Trouble is that's not the truth. I mean i would meet him, but we'd never really talk. Small talk yeah, but not like i told my friend. I've dug myself in too deep. I know i deserve everything that comes my way for lying if it does come out. I just hope i can hold out until she moves away.

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  • You let emotions cloud your judgment. It happens to the best of us, and all we can do is hope the repercussions aren't severe.

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