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I went to a summer can last week and I met this Amazing guy named Josh . We had SO much in common we were practically the same person . We hung out all week and played this game called Ga Ga ball . He's a dirty boy and I kinda like that . When I was with him, I felt so happy . I could be myself around someone . He lives in Georgia so it would be long distance . The day before I met him . I found out this guy from my church liked me . His name is Matt . Matt just turned 13 and I just turned 15 . He's kinda a nerdy guy and he's so smart . Me him and Josh all played Ga Ga ball together and had a blast ! Hes also sweet and when he seen me flirting with Josh . He got so jealous it was adorable I have to admit I have a crush on Matt . But I really like the other guy .I dont know who I like more . Who would you choose ? Agree for Josh Disagree for Matt and you can comment why . Please give me advice in desperate !

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  • Hey honey i am a girl and i have a younger bf which i love sooo much but still i vote for josh even he is a long distance one because there is a huge difference between thinking somebodys attitude is cute and adorable and being hapoy with the one you like everything about and josh sounds like a better fit for you

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