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I love Confesster.. I can get stuff off my chest without getting judged.. I can say my true feelings and my mind without ruining anything.. I can help people.. I get releaved when I'm on Confesster. I've written some stuff of my own.. Most of them about love, missing the special girl and how much I just love her. I hope you guys gets as much out of Confesster as I do. Thank you Confesster. I love you.<3

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  • It's great here, if I can escape my own troubles and help out somebody else's, things don't seem quite as bleak

  • i love it too, and i'm here to confess and to help, i'm feeling really awesome when people around the world are caring for me, i read a few confessions about me, and found awesome friends :D so just comment if you think you can help, or calm these people a little bit and be a friend for everyone here :) so long, Loner

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