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This is more a rant than a confession, but a while back I considered making a fan-game based on Legend of Zelda. Whenever I discussed it online all I ever, EVER got was hate due to part of the roster (less than half) being original characters. Apparently including any original characters was an unforgivable sin against the franchise and I should give up making games for even considering it. Now there's a Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors, which STARS original characters and they're getting nothing but love. What the hell?

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  • I'd be more worried about copyright infringement from using the same characters. I'd like to develop my own characters in a game, games have become the fourth method of telling a story, after books, plays and film. Using the JRPG game play style is fine however. Zelda fans are highly devout to Nintendo, so they only accept developments from Nintendo, including the introduction of new characters. I've developed a game, and I've had to research various intellectual property to find my confines, and directly basing it on another companys game is a no go.

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