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i'm really frustrated because i still dont have a bf.. i have never kissed a boy or anything, all my friends had at least one bf. I dont understand it. one time my crush told me that he had feelings for me but didnt want to be together with me because he knew that i wouldnt sleep with him so quickly, i know that this meant that he loved me only for my body and looks and nothing else.. other boys seem to be interested but no one wants a relationship with me. everytime i tell someone that i'm single or never had a bf they cant believe it. I always get compliments and get to hear that i'm a wonderful girl but i just cant believe them. I'm still a virgin and want to stay one until I'm old enough and do it with the one i truly love with all my heart. im scared to lose it for someone who just played with me... maybe i'm just old fashioned

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  • Same thing with me! :)

  • You're not old fashioned, you're being responsible. You know to avoid being played and to wait to be intimate with sunshine who loves you add you love them. You will be more grateful for waiting fire the right person, and it will make the experience much more special.

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